Thursday, June 19, 2008

What $13.58 can buy.....

If you shop at Walgreens.
And you clip coupons.
And you send in rebates.
Bargain hunting is definitely my drug of choice. What a high! 
And no.....I don't make a habit of photographing my toiletries.

As a side note, Cub accepted my $10 off expired coupon I mentioned in Defeation?! I learned that they accept coupons up to one month old! Yay Cub!

Now this was sure a short and non-time consuming post:) Maybe I should do a weekly photo of the week's best deal? But before you run out to Walgreen's, I bought this stuff last month. This week I got 8 power tooth brushes free. Well, four were free and the other four were "free" as in "I have in-store credit in the amount I paid for the toothbrushes to use next time I shop." 

Better get cleaning. We're looking forward to a fun and crazy weekend with family visiting as my older brother is running in Grandma's marathon:) Here's to hoping the whole endurance thing runs in the family.......Fifteen people in a one bathroom house:O 
Watch out woods!


Kim said...

If only I still worked at Walgreens and could shop like this and get the employee discount!

I really need to be more diligent about finding deals. I can't believe how much money I hand over to Target on a monthly basis.

Have fun this weekend. It should be an absolute blast!

heather said...

to answer your question on my blog, YES, people make money with those ads on their blogs. I'm sure it takes a lot of "traffic," but one woman and her husband have quit their jobs due to higher income per her blog. But she has millions of readers. I don't.

The Three 22nds said...

I know someone who takes pictures of her walgreens deals and posts them periodically. I never knew about it...I still don't think I will take up shopping there though. It is an extra stop and that means unbuckling three children, shopping with them and then putting them back in their is just not worth it!

Sabrina said...

I guess your place is the cool place to stay before you run in Grandma's!
Thanks for hosting me six! years ago!!! :)