Tuesday, December 28, 2010

an affinity for anatomy

I have an affinity for anatomy. It probably started in high school when I took a first responder/EMT course and had to learn the 16 part answer to the question, "Follow the path of a red blood cell......" Then there were the hours I spent in my human gross anatomy lab, dissecting and identifying all the components of the brachial plexus before racing home to wash off all the formaldehyde stank. I feel it noteworthy to inform you that I just spelled formaldehyde correctly on my very first attempt. Because I'm cool like that.

Anyhoo. This morning I turned over my parental duties to our new Wii (because it is Christmas break) and lost myself in the abyss of a handmade marketplace. My birthday is coming up, you know.

Among many other delicious treats, I uncovered this.
(you'll have to go look at it cuz I apparently need to reformat my whole blog to get the picture to show up for you.)

And now that I've discovered these

I have Steve's blessing to begin beautifying our boring and barren walls. I can hardly garner my giddiness as I tell you, We now have an entire wall designated for fun photos of family and friends! And wouldn't this print be perfectly positioned among the pictures of people we love?
There has to be a p-word to use in place of love! Help me!

I have to ask...... there are many we hold near and dear to our hearts. Friends and family who are far away....... would they love this print as much as I do, affinity for anatomy aside? Would they be happy to hang a heartfelt reminder that though far away, they are in our hearts?

Monday, December 13, 2010

because I can't help myself


I just discovered "The Sing-Off."
My new fave.
And judge Ben Folds is dreamy.
Just sayin.