Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping on the sunny side

Wow! What a rough morning. I think the late softball nights have finally caught up with the girlies. Gwen spent the morning throwing tantrums every time a "boy song" came on the radio. And there were spills. And someone put a garbage bag that was supposed to go out to the curb last night on top of my favorite purse. And that garbage bag leaked all kinds on stank right into the pockets of that favorite purse. And I didn't exercise this morning specifically so I could get all the girls to ballet on time. And once the girls were all in the car AND buckled up (which rarely happens without the raising of my voice), I discovered that Steve took MY keys to work this morning. So no ballet. No peaceful trip to the grocery store minus the two ballerinas to get the lunch meat I'm in desperate need of. Oh, and then another temper tantrum when I made Gwen get out of the car because I had no keys. So I'm singing to myself.....

Keep on the sunny side,
Always on the sunny side.
Keep on the sunny side of life.....

By the way, this is the song I envision my 4 girlies singing in perfect 4-part harmony one day. Anyway, Steve did eventually bring me my keys, but not in time for ballet. And after the morning I'd had, I was about to break down and bake cookies. But then I remembered the size smaller jeans I bought last night and decided it would be wiser to break the cardinal gardening rule of the Northland......Under NO circumstances should you EVER buy flowers before Memorial Day. Because of the threat of snowstorms and such. Anyway, it was either cookie dough or a calorie-free trip to the greenhouse.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

This is my mom.
She is the best mom EVER.
I am SOOOO blessed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Plastic, please.

Just thought I'd share some pictures of my little geniuses 
flying their kites garbage bags:)


Good exercise.

No adult assistance required.