Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Part 1

Steve and Addie about to head out to the Father Daughter Ball this year.

Steve fixing Ella's hair and teaching her to chant "Let's go Tigers" at a Twins game this spring.

Steve and his girls on a frog hunt a couple weeks ago.

I could see from the first time I met Steve on a missions trip in Mexico that he would be a fabulous daddy someday. He was only 18 at the time, but there was a sparkle in his eye as he interacted with the kids that week, and they LOVED his teasing and playful did I:) Fourteen years and four daughters later, I am more grateful than ever to have been blessed with such a patient loving husband and father for my girls. I have a brain full of precious daddy moments, but if I had to choose just one to share, it would be of an especially tender evening Steve had with our 3 year old daughter Ella earlier this year. 

In a house full of girls, time alone with Daddy is hard to come by and extra special. One random evening this past winter, Ella requested a date with Daddy. "Date" in our household usually refers to time alone with one parent, usually running some mundane errand like getting groceries or a picking up a shower head at the hardware store. Occasionally, a small treat is involved, but in general it is just special to have time with no interruptions or arguing. Since Steve wasn't needing to run any errands, he asked Ella what she wanted to do for their date. Ella's immediate response was "a princess date!"

Steve looked at me with uncertainty in his eyes and the best suggestion I could come up with was that he take her to Target where I had recently seen some of their fancy Christmas dresses on clearance. He ended up taking her to TJMaxx where he bought her an especially flowy princess dress. David's Bridal just happens to share a parking lot with TJMaxx, so Steve, of his own volition, took Ella into every princess's dream look at wedding veils and flower girl dresses. Oh, how I wish I could have been there to see the pure joy on Ella's face! But that's not the best of it.......When they got home, Ella tried on the dress only to find that the straps were too loose and kept sliding off her shoulders. And what would any exceptionally talented daddy who is comfortable with his "man-ness" do?........Steve got out the needle and thread and altered the straps until it fit her perfectly! I dare anyone to contest his place on the Daddy of the Year pedestal!!

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