Friday, August 21, 2009

garage sale high

I's been awhile since a real post. And this one is really only to show off all my new stuff. I know, I know........there are more important things in life than stuff. But stuff is fun. And garage sale stuff is cheap and even more fun:) These past couple months I've really made a big effort to be extra smart about our money.......we cut out cable (and have been without TV), called to cancel our home phone (and promptly got a 50% discount on phone AND internet for the next 3 months), I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay (including a $10 garage sale quilt that I sold for $75!!!) and I started packing Steve's lunch more regularly (and am lovingly reminding him not to forget by putting his keys in the fridge). Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. Garage sales. What was my point? Oh with $ and fun cheap stuff. Without any further ado, I fun cheap stuff!

A vintage card game in an adorable shape......
combined with my old stamp set these will be perfect place cards for a party.
25 cents

An old book
50 cents

....filled with all kinds of adorable pictures and sayings just waiting to be framed!!

A very old tiny tea set with plates.
Did I mention I'm hosting a teeny tiny tea-party next week?
I just found these today! What timing!
3 dollars

Oh, and that tray? TJ Maxx, 8 bucks. I couldn't help it.
There was only one and it was screaming my name.

Vintage ribbon etc.
Addie found 2 plastic bins chock full of brand new (but quite old) seam tape and ribbon for $2.
Unfortunately, they reeked of smoke, so we all spent a whole afternoon unwrapping them, sorting them, and washing them. After finding them totally tangled up in the wash, we spent the rest of the evening trying to untangle our treasure. Lots of hard work, but I think the kids thought it was fun. These are just some of my faves I was able to salvage. Perfect to tie around napkins or for the finishing touch on a cellophane bag of party favors.

This adorable little afghan was 50 cents!
Looks like it was made for the back of my big chair.
I got LOTS of homeschool books and brand new scrapbooking supplies for 50 cents a piece or less!

Aaaaah, Cath Kidston!
As you can probably tell, this stationary and notecard set was far from cheap,
but my incredibly generous and thoughtful sister-in-law, Tonya, sent me these after spending the weekend with us. (Note to self: post pictures of our fabulous weekend)
What a gem.
Pure happiness:)
Thanks Tonya!

And lastly, I think I'll post this picture Josie took of me in my new $10 apron (TJ Maxx).
I've been wanting an apron for quite some time, and I must say it came in very handy as we made tiny sugar cookies for the teeny tiny tea party......while I was on the induction phase of Atkins! I didn't cheat a bit......thanks to my apron I was able to wipe the frosting off my fingers instead of licking it.

Willpower. That's my middle name.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

An update......unedited and uncut

  • is on day 2 of her Atkins induction. Gotta lose 10 pounds by the 21st in order to win a cash prize from a friendly competition.
  • is officially the proud owner of a monarch chrysalis. And lots of caterpillar poo. Who knew?
  • is too hot to handle. Uugh. This weather!
  • is scrambling to find a box big enough to mail the Land of Nod quilt she bought for $10 (at a garage sale) and sold for $75 (on eBay)!
  • is looking forward to some delish streaks on the grill tonight. Mmmmmm.
  • wonders where all her clothespins went?
  • just killed a HUGE bug in the bottom of a laundry basket downstairs:( And is wondering where they could squeeze in a main floor laundry.
  • is gonna wash that stinky vinyl shower curtain.
  • has been getting lots of great deals at Cub and Walgreens:)
  • is sending out invites to a teeny tiny tea party.
  • is wondering about Josie's wardrobe choice for the day. Jeans and no shirt!?!
  • is surprised how little the family misses their TV. Going on 3 weeks now.
  • saw Julie & Julia Sunday night and was inspired to blog and cook, though not necessarily inspired to blog about cooking.
  • is gathering her fall curriculum.
  • is limping around after getting back on the P90X legs wagon yesterday.
  • is thrilled to be welcoming a new niece and nephew into the family soon......Jason and Becca are now able to adopt their 2 lil cuties!:)
  • is dreading the start of fantasy football season.
  • had a wonderful time with her family who came up to visit last weekend.
  • fears she will be disappointed by every future agate hunt after finding the agate of a lifetime.
  • is loving the blog 100 layer cake.......and wanting to plan a wedding or formal party of some kind.
  • is savoring a cup of sugar free jello with whip cream as she types this with 2 fingers.
  • feeling like a selfish jerk as she eats said jello while Gwen stares at it longingly. Aspartame is not for kids, people!
  • is gonna end here.