Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Deal on Low Self-Esteem!!!

Alternative Title:
Today's Bad Mom Agenda: Get'em Fat, Then Make Them Watch Unattainable Beauty

Guilty as charged. We got a bunch of McDonald's coupons good for free happy meals when you read 10 books from my mom yesterday. They expire soon, so I told the girls that if they read 10 books this morning we could go to McDonald's for lunch. It took a tidge longer than expected, but we hit the drive through around one, then set off to the one garage sale in Duluth that started this morning. (I had to get my fix.) And in a moment of weakness, I bought a brand new Swan Lake Barbie DVD for $1.50. I have a general rule about buying Barbie stuff, but like I said, it was a moment of weakness. A few minutes ago as I was starting the movie Addie said, "Oh, I think we've seen this before! It's about swans and princesses and it didn't even make me think bad things about my body!" 

Reminds me of something my husband asks me when I come home from a shopping trip with sugar cereal (which I only do when it is practically free after coupons.) "If poison was free would you feed it to the kids?" Poison, no. But I guess my actions today show that I would intentionally ruin a girl's fragile self-esteem......IF the price was right;)


Sabrina said...

Ive seen that Barbie video, if anything i feel sorry for her, cause she sounds so ditzy!
Guess who will be in Duluth in July for a wedding! ME! Hoping to drop by and see you and the fam. :)

joolee said...

Yay! Let me know when it is. We're going on vacation for a week or so.....hopefully it will work out!