Saturday, June 14, 2008

Things I Love About MY Dad

  1. He is an encourager. Whether it's a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend, or even a random stranger, my dad has something encouraging to say to everyone. And he is sincere.
  2. He loves his family. He has always made his family his top priority. He wasn't a workaholic we never saw around home. Even when he used to work nights he would take us out to look through the telescope when he got home from work.
  3. He knows a lot about computers. This may sound like a dumb reason, but I know I can always count on my dad to help me solve any kind of computer problem:)
  4. He helped our family make lots of wonderful memories. My dad exposed us to so many cool things growing up. Whether it was camping in Minnesota, motor-biking and snorkeling in the Bahamas, or taking an impromptu trip across country in a Datsun, my dad made a wholehearted effort to provide new and fun experiences for us. Though don't ask about his 'lil stop in Vegas to show us the pitfalls of gambling. (I attribute my love of poker and lotto tickets to that fateful day).
  5. He cares about people. This kind of goes along with his gift of encouragement, but he really truly cares about people and will go out of his way to befriend the hurting, lonely, and imprisoned. Literally. Not just because "imprisoned" makes him sound like a saint:)
  6. He is passionate about his interests and beliefs. O.K. Dad. You've got to admit.......and though your interests may change from one month to the next, I DO love that you are passionate about them. Even if it means me hearing all about the pros of apple cider vinegar:) "It really is good. (barf)"
  7. He taught me to think for myself. My dad taught by his example that it is OK to think for myself, to not just believe everything I'm told, but to question things, do my own "research", come to my own conclusions. He raised me with strong Biblical values, but he didn't shove anything down my throat. He didn't give me the answers and never pretended to have it all figured out. And because of it, I learned to think for myself.....though lately I haven't been very good at it:(
Happy Father's Day Dad! 
Thanks for being the wonderful man that you are.
I love you, 

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