Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre-Easter Tragedy

We have never lead the kids to believe that Santa Claus or the Easter bunny are real. Now the tooth fairy is a different story. So the girlies were more intrigued than distraught by the decapitated bunny they found just inside the barn door last week. Apparently they poked and prodded it with sticks until they managed to get the furry headless creature into their sled. Then, with a girl at each corner of the plastic casket, they carried it funeral procession style up to the house to show me.

And Ella was wearing her reversible garage sale Gap vest.......bunny side out.

Decapitated bunny bodies.
A deer bone filled Kohls bag on the deck.
Aaah, life in the country.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hostess once again

sturdy table and 6 chairs from garage sale.....$80

staple gun and fabric to recover 6 chairs.....$35

tablecloth to cover table discolorations.....$15 (OK....I splurged)

A place to host dinner parties again.....PRICELESS!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just what the doctor ordered

OK. So they really haven't napped in awhile. We unfortunately got out of the routine right around the time that I got busy with packing and The Move. But now with the time change I can no longer get away with putting them to bed at 7:00 and the days can seem really long. So when the morning started off with multiple whiney "what can I do?"s and "what can I have?"s, I knew it would be a day for naps. And how convenient, cuz I really wanted to show you this darling patchwork quilt I found at the local antique store! Well actually, the extremely helpful older gentlemen working there found it for me in the back in an old claw foot tub. Wow! It didn't take him long to get my style! Now to replace the old bunchy batting.

Happy Napping!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


stolen from Sabro's blog who stole it from someone else's


Outside my window... sun shining, willow weeping, bikes strewn, flower pots waiting.

I am thinking... I hope the bank doesn't approve the financing for the thieves trying to steal this dream home right from under me!

I am thankful for...internet access....duh. And this gorgeous home. And the warm sunny weather. And the peaceful morning I spent cuddled in bed with my girlies, listening to them read. And my recent flexible "dream" OT job offer. And so. much. more.

From the kitchen... prep for a dinner of stuffed chicken, fettuccine, garlic bread, garden salad, and blueberry cream cheese dessert for tomorrow night's out-of-town guests. Yay! I get to play hostess again!

I am wearing... brown yoga pants and a spring green tank in hopes of sitting in the sun later today. Hey, I live in the middle of nowhere....I don't have to match!

I am creating... a springy tablescape for tomorrow's dinner. To unpack the china or not?

I am going... to P90x these flabby arms. And finish my application for Iowa licensure.

I am reading... Wild at Heart, New Moon, and Raising a Reader.

I am hoping... that we don't have to move AGAIN! And that our renters up north pay their rent on time. And that they fall in love with our house and decide to buy it. Soon.

I am hearing... Ella and Gwen singing "I've got the've got the cookies," as they prance around the house in their aprons.

Around the house... dolls nestled in their homes made of flat-screen TV packaging. (Steve got a hold of our tax return.)

One of my favorite things... color. Bright color. The older I get the more I crave color. It does something to my soul.

A few plans for the rest of the week: cleaning house, sun bathing, tomorrow's company which is sure to include a few heated games of the recently ignored Settlers of Catan, seed planting at the nursing home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few things I never thought I'd hear myself say

  • Hooray! We have dial-up!!!!!
  • Aaaah! The pigs have never smelled so sweet! (upon our return home after a showing of the dream house we've been renting but is still on the market.......we prayed that the pigs would be really stinky to scare the prospective buyers away. Not sure that it did:(
  • Girls, I don't want you to poop or pee in the barn anymore!