Saturday, June 28, 2008

That horrible and yet ever so tiny rodent was dead in a trap this morning when I woke up, so it looks like I won't have to move just yet. I'm going to have Steve set some more traps just in case, but I'm hopeful that Mr. Mouse just wandered into our tuck-under garage a couple days ago as we were digging out our bikes. Steve wasn't fully clothed when he checked the trap this morning, so he just set it out on the deck. The girls got SUCH a kick out of it! 

E-"Mommy, can we keep it for a pet?" M-"No! It's DEAD!" E-"But can we keep it for a pet, just to look at it?"

A-"Can we use double gloves and put it in a box and take it to Hartley [nature center] to show people?" M-"NO! It will rot.....dead things rot!" A-"But can we just take a picture of it rotting so I can put it in my scrapbook?"

It is now incredibly clear to me that my kids are STARVING for a pet. So today we found a small aquarium at a garage sale and took them to the pet store and bought them a male Beta fish. They named him Cordelia Pearl:) Gotta love a male fish with wispy flowing fins named Cordelia. Then Steve took the older girls to our favorite cemetery pond where we found their other pet, Freddy the frog, a few weeks ago. Not sure if I blogged about that.....I think I tried to upload a video of the dramatic catching of Freddy......but anyway, we had to take Freddy back because he refused to eat anything we gave him and every morning I woke up afraid that he was dead from starvation. So today they came home with another frog (named Freddy), a small turtle, and a crazy looking tadpole that is just starting to grow legs. 

So girls, no, we cannot keep the dead mouse just to look at it and take pictures of it in various stages of decay for our scrapbook. But we CAN have a pet fish named Cordelia Pearl, a frog, a turtle, and a tadpole!


Kim said...

We have 2 betas on our mantle. I don't do so well with pets that can't bark at me, I often forget they are there. I keep trying to pawn them off on my sister-in-law, as I am sure my nephew would love them and would remember to feed them, but she isn't having it.

heather said...

love the new bloggy look. Very cool photo.
maybe flowers can be the new pets?
wait, i'm no good with plants either...

Sabrina said...

I love the new blog! shabby chicness!

Carrie said...

Dear Sweet Julie,

I love your new blog look!
You figured out the whole picture in the title thing..
Have lots of fun with your new pets!


The Three 22nds said...

If you put two male Betas in the same bowl, they'll fight to the death right?

Does that one then get to be the Alpha male?

(yeah, I'm still a dork)

Nikki said...

I LOL when I read this. I can't believe your girls wanted to keep the dead mouse! Before we left town this last weekend we tried to talk Isaiah into letting his turtle go, but it didn't work. We forgot to ask my inlaws to feed it on Sunday. We were worried it might be dead. Isaiah checked first thing when we got home and said, "It's a miracle!" Luckily Sunset was still alive.