Sunday, April 24, 2011

A post totally unrelated to Resurrection Sunday

It is Easter Sunday and I am still in my jammies. Home with a puking Gwen and, to be entirely honest, not too sad to be missing the day's festivities. Having picked up more hours at work, along with the home schooling (and bill paying, and laundry, and dishes etc.), I am feeling a smidge overwhelmed. I welcome this day to stay home and do nothing, even if it means emptying the occasional puke bucket. Though I DO hope she bounces back quickly.

Once again, behind on my blog writing, I find it difficult to know where to begin. Much has happened these past few weeks. Our beautiful old barn burned down. I am still mourning that loss and dreading all the clean-up that is involved, if we could only find more time. I plan to write a post all about our big old barn one of these days, to help me work through my grief.....if grief is an emotion one can experience over the loss of a building.

One of our cats just had kittens. On Addie's 10th birthday, no less. It is such a miracle! I am amazed that Twix, not quite a year old herself, is such an incredibly selfless mother, constantly nursing and cleaning and cuddling......and purring the entire time! I could learn a thing or two from Twix about being content in my mothering. But then again, Twix isn't dealing with dramatic girls unable or unwilling to find matching dress shoes for church, unwilling to comb their snarly hair before putting it in a ponytail, or disputes over wardrobes. Ah, to be a momma cat!

The girls searched and searched before finding Twix and her new kittens in a hollow log in the woods.
We have since moved them all to the warmth and safety of our basement.

Cheetoh, Dorito, Sprinkles, Neo(politan), and Frito

Now, to find me a Cadbury egg.....