Thursday, June 5, 2008


OK. Now that it's no longer the middle of the night, I DO realize that DEFEATION is not a real word. Even in my groggy stupor caused by a drive-by garbage can knock-over at about 2 am I didn't think it sounded quite right. Now that I've been blogging for a little while, I've noticed that seemingly great "blog plots" tend to take over my normal brain activity (whatever that is) and keep me awake in the middle of the night. After my rude awakening last night I had multiple fabulous blog plots practically typed and edited in my head. And they were good. Pee your pants good. At least they seemed good to me at the time. Come to think of it, I may have been dreaming them. You know how your dreams make absolute sense in the midst of them, but when you wake up you can't even begin to explain them in words? Don't worry, I'll spare you the details of my dreamy award winning blog plots. But I'm going to keep my dreamy non-word title......Defeation.

A List of Things that Continue to Defeat Me

1. Laundry. I pride myself on my ability to remove practically any stain. One of my greatest joys is taking an adorable yet stained Gap garage sale dress and baptizing it in my pool of stain removing prowess. Yet I have mounds of dirty laundry the size of igloos. And Steve's "biggest challenge of the day" (he informed me last night) is finding a matching pair of socks. Oh, and last week I came across a bag of clothes that Gwen had puked on coming home from Michigan. At Christmas.

2. Garage sale books. I can NOT stop buying them. We are absolutely and totally out of bookshelf space, yet I continue to buy books for the girls. I just can't pass up something that retails for 12.99 when it will cost me less than a quarter. Plus, it's cheaper than overdue fines from the library. I've paid my fair share of library fines. But I have to stop and GAIN SOME CONTROL! (that's for you Nikki:)

3. Peanut Butter. Maybe it's because it beckons me from the counter beside the toaster. Maybe if I could just put it behind closed cupboard doors. I absolutely adore peanut butter. If there is ever an economic collapse, count on this girl to retain her "wobbly bits." I have it stockpiled in the basement.

4. Coupons. I am a coupon clipping, rebate sending maniac. I've even been known to buy envelopes (containing especially good coupons) on ebay! Coupons have saved me TONS of money (usually by combining them with Walgreen's coupons, but that is for different post). Unfortunately, my purse is overflowing and I've fallen way behind on sorting them into my lil accordion file. Which makes them useless unless I spend an hour at the checkout counter trying to sort thru them all. I actually started cleaning out my purse a couple days ago and came across a $10 off your next purchase, Free Milk with next purchase, AND 2 free movie ticket downloads all from Cub. And they were expired. AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

5. Gwen's hair. My youngest daughter has been blessed with a thick full head of hair. From birth. And it defeats me on an hourly basis. I wash it daily....hoping the squeaky clean smell might help make up for my serious hairstyling deficit. I have the most luck with a single barrette holding her hair out of her eyes. She has so much that the ponytails just won't stay put. She sported her first little braid last week. Steve did it.

6. Our family minivan. This is where another picture would be worth a thousand words. Just use your imagination. And multiply that by 16:(


Nikki said...

Did you throw out the bag of puke clothes? I can't pass up books from garage sales either. I'm always asking Isaiah, "Do we have this book already?" I still have my quote book. Do you?

The Three 22nds said...

I am so glad you commented me! Fun blog! We buy peanut butter, the natural kind, weekly. Noah says that if something happened to the world's peanut butter supply the boys and I would starve to death. And it is true! Does Rachel have one? How did she find me?

joolee said...

Nikki, I totally still have my quote book and it makes me happy every time I stumble across it. Maybe I'll take some pics and post them. And yes, I threw out the puke clothes. I'm sure she outgrew them.

I'm still not sure about this blog I respond here or on your blog? Anyway, I'm don't know how Rachel found out about your blog (three22nds) but she spoke highly of it. I may post a link to it (and others) when i figure all this out.....if that's OK. And Rachel has not entered the world of mommy blogs....yet.

The Three 22nds said...

I solve the sock problem by only owning a type of sock (pretty much). If I can find two socks, I have a pair.

When I lived at home, my dad and I together only owned one kind of sock. Half in my drawer, half in his. If I ran out, I'd just go steal a pair.


Kristi said...

I love peanut butter, too--it's on my top five favorite foods list. Peanut butter and icecream, peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and saltines, peanut butter and celery, apples, bananas, peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (yum!), peanut butter cookies, peanut butter and jelly on toast, peanut butter-flavored just about anything!