Monday, June 9, 2008

6 shower curtains for a one bathroom house

I just came from a quick visit to Sabrina's Superflous blog and fell in love with her new background that reminds me of an especially fun purchase I made. A few years ago I found a bright and happy shower curtain on sale for less than 8 bucks in Pottery Barn's online clearance department and snatched up 6 of them. Yes, as the title states, we live in a one bathroom home. I had visions of sleeping in past 9 after using them as room darkening curtains in the girls' rooms....
But it turns out they fit the square table that is perfect for poker and Catan parties, but impossible (no more) to find tablecloths for. (I realize I am ending with a preposition). The best part of it is that it is TOTALLY waterproof! They must have treated that thing with the heaviest duty scotchguard/hiking boot waterproofing concoction imaginable! We can spill a whole glass of something on it and let it sit till we are done with dessert and then just blot it up with a towel. No evidence of clumsiness to be found! We could, but we don't due to the uneven floors in this old would have all rolled off the table and into the corner of the living room where all the electronic wiring is hidden. Anyway, I'm waiting for Sabrina to tire of her background so I can steal it and be reminded of all the fun parties that sported the shower curtain.

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Sabrina said...

I LOVE that you heart Shabby Chic goodness as much as I do!!! My bathroom looks like the french shabby chic fair barfed all over it! In the best way possible! Love those shower curtains!