Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what "Back to School" means to me

Can you believe it!?
The summer just started and already it's about time
to hit the books once again.
Schools in this area start on August 19th!
AUGUST 19!!!

Let it be known that I am not ready.....
physically (I haven't even ordered our 4th grade books yet),
or emotionally (how am I going to juggle teaching three this year?)
I've even wondered if it's too late to send them to school.

But really, the point of this post was to tell you
what really excites me about this time of year.....

back to school sales on

Composition books mean journal making at our house.
There is nothing the kids like more than
hauling out my stash of
pretty papers
and ribbons
and sparkly glitter letters.
Throw in a little hot glue,
double sided tape
and a dash of creativity
and we have personalized journals
and very proud little girls!

These are their latest creations.

And I know I'm not allowed to have favorites,
but I especially like the way this one turned out
(minus the dark shadow from the window.)

And yes, that is a piano in the background of picture #1!!!
An adorable man from church lost his piano-playing wife recently
and he thought we should have it.
We. are. so. honored.
Thank you Pinky!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Poultry Pedi-Party

So apparently this is what country girls do to entertain themselves at their country sleep overs.

Doesn't Gina look smashing in hot pink?

And no worries, the girls didn't discriminate against Ruby
(now called Mr. Reuben since he turned out to be a boy.)
Of course they chose bright red to compliment his bright red comb.

Not sure what Ella thinks of the whole ordeal.

A poultry pedi-party.........

It's a
"good thing."