Thursday, June 10, 2010

a day for cuddling

It rains.
Playlist = Norah Jones.
All 4 girls read books/play school upstairs on Ella's bed.
The chickens huddle together in the lilac bushes,
too dumb to find shelter in the pump house 5 feet away.
of their very own accord.......
Twix and Pepsi decide to join Farley in his box.

It is a day for cuddling.

And paying bills.
And doing laundry.
And trying to thread the new sewing machine.
And breaking the needle on the sewing machine.
And wondering if I can return the sewing machine because it wasn't put together properly.

But mostly a day for cuddling.

In other animal related news.......
  • Steve heard that horrible Tortured Death Shriek from the Woods of Peril last night. FINALLY! He didn't have any idea what it could be and I think he might have even been scared;)
  • Twix was apparently nursing on Josie's pajama top this morning.....sprawled out on her tummy, sucking and purring......apparently no attachment disorder there.
  • Ella is teaching Farley to drink from a water bottle.