Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why you should buy our house (part 1)

(with real life cluttered unstaged pictures of our home.)

3 bedroom
1 bath
tuck-under garage
large private lot
wood stove


This home is perched at the top of a hill overlooking the beautiful neighborhood of Woodland. It is within walking distance of Woodland Community Center, Piggly Wiggly and Hartley Nature Center.

2. YARD, YARD, and more YARD!!

In my humble opinion, this home is situated on one of the best lots in Woodland. Lot size is 60 by 300!!! Pick your own raspberries, let your kids go "exploring" in the woods as you as you supervise through the huge kitchen window, enjoy the neighbor's gorgeous perennial gardens (without having to weed),

host killer parties (patio added in '06),

drink your morning coffee on the patio surrounded by greenery and wildlife,

have a camp out in your own backyard,
let your kids bring a bunch of junk into the woods and call it a fort (hours of fun!),

swing under the mighty oak in your underwear
(if that's your cup-o-tea,)
Did I mention this yard is very private?

or fully clothed (if you prefer.)

This huge private yard can't be beat!!

#2B Did I mention the yard has lots of flower beds?


This home is full of natural light.......just what you need to fight those winter blues. New energy efficient windows throughout the home including a brand new picture window with fabulous sunset views of Hartley Park.

(view from kitchen window overlooking backyard)

(sunroom with windows galore!!)

(nothing like washing your babe in a nice deep sink while the sun streams thru the window.)

(view from 2nd story bedroom)

(bright dining room with southern exposure)


This newer Lopi Freedom Stove effectively and economically heats this home AND adds ambience galore. There is nothing like cuddling up next to the warmth and glow of a cozy fire. (There is also a newer forced air furnace and hot water heater.)

Stay tuned for more info about the inside of home.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smooth Steve

An hour before our church/elder Christmas party tonight Steve shaved his goatee. There had been facebook talk that it would make him look younger and possibly help him find a job in this tough market. And so he did it. His whiskers in a jar made for an entertaining white elephant gift. And he does look younger. Much younger. He's had facial hair (per my request) pretty much since we got married 11 years ago. Now I can't stop staring at him and I'm afraid it's kinda creeping him out. I can't get used to it. He looks like the boy I dated instead of the man I married. Ella cried when she saw him.....not just a whimper, but a full blown totally devastated wail......"I DIDN'T WANT DADDY TO SHAVE!!!!!!"

I think I may have wanted to cry just a little bit too.

pictures to come.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Several weeks ago when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, all she could think of was "to go on a family date to see the [Christmas] lights."

When I asked her what she wanted to eat on her birthday she said "pancakes for breakfast, PB&J for lunch, and BBQ chicken and mixed vegetables for supper."
Mixed vegetables!!!?!!!!
(She is her father's child.)

When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted (homemade vs. store-bought) she decided, "whichever one is cheaper."

Man, I LOVE that girl.

I can't say enough good things about my cuddly little Josie Mae.
She is my biggest helper.
Today we will CELEBRATE!!!!
Happy Birthday Josie!!!!
I couldn't be more proud of you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a sure sign......

of Thanksgiving.
(and this was just the girls.)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Giving thanks for my family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

a good day

So I'm relaxing (as much as I can with a jacked up tailbone) in my parent's recliner with my warm laptop and the scent of homemade cookies and coffee filling the air. Who makes cookies before 9am, you ask. My mom, I answer. She is da bomb.

Today is going to be a good day. My to-do list is significantly shortened due to the fact that I am far from my home where the piles of dirty laundry loom, the tub begs to be scrubbed and the clutter prevents me from relaxing sans guilt. Instead, I am at my childhood home..... where the kids are not bored with the toys, where there are no stinky washcloths rotting in the sink, where the shower is not sprouting, where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. Don't get me wrong. I adore my grown up home where I get to pretend that I'm a grown-up with grown-up responsibilities, but I DO appreciate a day when my list of things to accomplish is limited to
1. catch up on blog-reading
2. play the piano
3. make fudge
4. take a long hot shower with great water pressure

Did I mention today is going to be a good day?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help me feel like a winner......

......by voting for my submission to Michaels handmade Christmas contest. Vote now. Vote later. Vote before you go to bed. Vote when you get up tomorrow. Vote from your blackberry when you're sitting quietly in your deer stand waiting for that buck. Vote while you're waiting for the chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven. Vote during the Office commercial breaks tonight. Vote! Vote!! VOTE!!!! Thank you:)

Michaels Photo Entry - Personalized Name Pendants

Michaels Photo Entry - Personalized Name Pendants

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Priceless Gift

As you know, Steve was laid off almost 2 months ago. Well, several weeks after his lay-off, I got an email from a friend from church who happens to be a phenomenal photographer. I had been trying to convince Steve that hiring her for a photo session with our family would be something well worth the money.......something we would treasure forever and never regret. And I wanted to do it soon......before Gwen lost her chubby baby face (and while my P90X butt was still on the smallish side.....totally relative, I know). Anyway, I was still working on him until we got the news of the lay-off, at which point I realized it was totally out of the question. Then, this email........not only was Staci offering me a bunch of clothes that her eldest had outgrown, but she wanted to photograph our family.......FOR FREE!!!!! Including a disc with all the pictures! WOW! I was dumbfounded and really struggled with how to accept such a generous gift. Staci was so incredibly gracious, insisting that she wanted to do this for our family and wanting nothing in return. And so, she did. Unfortunately, I have totally fallen off the healthy eating/exercising bandwagon. It started with our vacation and continued with Steve's unemployment as I apparently decided to eat all my stress. Not pretty, but also not the point. Regardless of my growing butt and thighs, Staci took amazing photos and I couldn't be more grateful! This is a gal with a huge heart who definitely practices what she preaches. She is AMAZING! Check out her blog and some of the pics she took of our family here. What a priceless gift.

What to do when money IS an object and "Thank You" just isn't enough?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uncertainty and Underwear Hats

So.....yup. It's been awhile.
Here is a quick synopsis of the past month and a half....in as few words as possible.

Steve and I celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss
with our first real honeymoon.
Without kids. Obviously.
Good times.

The day after we got home Steve was laid off.
Unexpected to say the least.

A few days later the girls and I did everything we could
to make Steve's birthday a happy one.

A sign, lots of homemade cards, fettuccine rose and bruschetta.

Gwen dressed for the occasion.

The past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty.
But even in the midst of the uncertainty,
there is peace.
And laughter.

Friday, August 21, 2009

garage sale high

I know......it's been awhile since a real post. And this one is really only to show off all my new stuff. I know, I know........there are more important things in life than stuff. But stuff is fun. And garage sale stuff is cheap and even more fun:) These past couple months I've really made a big effort to be extra smart about our money.......we cut out cable (and have been without TV), called to cancel our home phone (and promptly got a 50% discount on phone AND internet for the next 3 months), I sold a bunch of stuff on ebay (including a $10 garage sale quilt that I sold for $75!!!) and I started packing Steve's lunch more regularly (and am lovingly reminding him not to forget by putting his keys in the fridge). Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. Garage sales. What was my point? Oh yeah......smart with $ and fun cheap stuff. Without any further ado, I present.......my fun cheap stuff!

A vintage card game in an adorable shape......
combined with my old stamp set these will be perfect place cards for a party.
25 cents

An old book
50 cents

....filled with all kinds of adorable pictures and sayings just waiting to be framed!!

A very old tiny tea set with plates.
Did I mention I'm hosting a teeny tiny tea-party next week?
I just found these today! What timing!
3 dollars

Oh, and that tray? TJ Maxx, 8 bucks. I couldn't help it.
There was only one and it was screaming my name.

Vintage ribbon etc.
Addie found 2 plastic bins chock full of brand new (but quite old) seam tape and ribbon for $2.
Unfortunately, they reeked of smoke, so we all spent a whole afternoon unwrapping them, sorting them, and washing them. After finding them totally tangled up in the wash, we spent the rest of the evening trying to untangle our treasure. Lots of hard work, but I think the kids thought it was fun. These are just some of my faves I was able to salvage. Perfect to tie around napkins or for the finishing touch on a cellophane bag of party favors.

This adorable little afghan was 50 cents!
Looks like it was made for the back of my big chair.
I got LOTS of homeschool books and brand new scrapbooking supplies for 50 cents a piece or less!

Aaaaah, Cath Kidston!
As you can probably tell, this stationary and notecard set was far from cheap,
but my incredibly generous and thoughtful sister-in-law, Tonya, sent me these after spending the weekend with us. (Note to self: post pictures of our fabulous weekend)
What a gem.
Pure happiness:)
Thanks Tonya!

And lastly, I think I'll post this picture Josie took of me in my new $10 apron (TJ Maxx).
I've been wanting an apron for quite some time, and I must say it came in very handy as we made tiny sugar cookies for the teeny tiny tea party......while I was on the induction phase of Atkins! I didn't cheat a bit......thanks to my apron I was able to wipe the frosting off my fingers instead of licking it.

Willpower. That's my middle name.