Friday, June 27, 2008

Only the most specific names and locations have been changed.....

I've been noticing that folks are very careful in Bloggyland not to reveal their true identities. They refer to their family members by initials only, cutesy nicknames, or by abbreviations indicating their sexes and ages. Now before anyone files a report to the authorities of secrecy and pseudo-identities, I must inform you that my seemingly careless use of names and places is intentionally specific, yet totally fabricated.

My last name is NOT Sopha, but it IS a synonym for a comfortable piece of furniture. I only WISH I had given my daughters beautiful old-fashioned names, but unfortunately, hubby "Steve" refused to be inspired by the obituary pages. I hope I haven't unintentionally stolen someone's identity by my lies of protection. I can't imagine the name Sopha actually exists.....poor soul if it does. 


The Three 22nds said...

We'll see if the link works.

joolee said...

Wow! You're good......and that is wacked!

Thanks for the pseudo-name and may you rest in peace Julie Sopha from Bavaria in 1903.