Thursday, August 28, 2008

The thing about this Thursday

The thing about this Thursday is that it's the day before we leave on vacation.
The thing about this Thursday is that I'm too scatterbrained to focus on just one thing.
The thing about this Thursday is that I'm going to revert to my old familiar facebook ways and provide you with a third person update.

Joolee .......
  • is back in teacher mode and multitasking more than ever......helping Josie write a Thank You card while reading math problems to Addie, sweeping honey nut cheerios off the floor and plotting a get rich quick scheme to help pay for the gas to get to Michigan. All while tilting, tucking, and tightening her abdominals and retracing the steps she took upon returning home from her last trip in an attempt to find the nail scissors.
  • is trying to be grateful for all the age appropriate gifts the girls got from Steve's boss at last night's work picnic, but thinking he might as well have given them numchucks and sharp knives the way they've been screaming and fighting over them all morning.
  • is totally convinced that picking up a week's worth of garbage strewn over the entire backyard in the pouring rain is a BOY job! And she is totally gonna kill those coons or that bear dead with her bare hands! Well, maybe just the bear. She might have to hire a professional for those super dooper uber freaky coons. 
  • is hoping to find a CHEAP hotel online somewhere near Escanaba so she's not tempted to stick granola bars in her ears or jump out of a moving vehicle on what would be a 12 hour car ride.
  • is so tired of the whining. So. incredibly. tired.
  • is wondering how many people actually saw her old and crusty bra at last night's work picnic when Gwen attempted to climb up her legs and flip over in an incredible feat of Olympic proportion but ended up getting her foot wrapped in the hem of Julie's shirt, stretching it into a maxi dress with a DEEP plunging neckline.
  • is going to have to cancel the beltless baseboard cleaning party for lack of interest. And paranoid that she may have seriously offended someone with her questionable sense of humor.
  • is thinking she might have a good excuse for making peanut butter and jelly for supper. Really, she would totally have to throw away the leftovers before leaving tomorrow......and there are starving children in Africa. 
  • is freaking out that she beat her mom in like 5 straight games of Pathwords (on facebook). She would also now like you to address her as THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!!


Heather of the EO said...

Happy vacationing! I hope you had pb & J and all whining stopped. Forever. :)

joolee said...

So I just discovered a glitch in facebook's Pathwords game and it turns out that the majority of games where I was listed as a winner were simply because my mom had not played her turn yet:( I hope this counts as clearing things up....even if it IS in the comment section. OK mom? So yes, you are still the champion of the world.

Isn't there a way to reduce the size of that last sentence?

The Three 22nds said...

not offended - it is just that your beltless baseboard scrubbing party invite made me turn off my computer and cry because it reminded me of the state of MY baseboards and also how the jeans that make me look oh so hot standing can go so terribly wrong when I lean over...

Sabrina said...

Have fun............

Shanana said...

I just came across your comment on the "Navel Gazing" blog and had to comment...

If THAT is any indication of your sense of humor (and according to the few posts of yours that I just stalked, it must be), then you've just proved Mormons don't have a monopoly on all the funny! Very clever! Very FUNNY!

Heather of the EO said...

Hi again.
EO - I could have so much fun with this.
Like Easily Owly, or
Eggo Ogler, or
Eats Olives
okay okay. It really just stands for Extraordinary Ordinary alright? BORING.