Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shiny Happy People Holding Hands

This makes my eyes disappear behind my cheeks every time:) But we now return to our regularly scheduled post....

Yippee! I finally learned how to free up counter space by killing our Beta cross out words in a post, which I'm convinced will win me a Pulitzer make blogging even more time-consuming fun than it already is!

I think it's amusing the way some people we make such an effort to put our best faces forward. The smiley happy faces that give people the impression that we have it all together. You know....don't we all try to convince people that we have naturally long dark lashes are endlessly patient mothers, ever supportive wives, immaculate housekeepers, gourmet chefs, and creative teachers? Believe me, I'm as guilty as the next for whipping out my "press on smile".... especially on Sunday mornings when Steve has remained cozy in bed despite numerous "warnings" while I frantically get 4 girls fed and bathed and dressed we oversleep and the kids' hair isn't combed or their teeth brushed and I'm throwing something together for teaching Sunday School and Steve is greeting and no one has shown up to watch our bully darling in nursery.

I must say that I have found the environment in Bloggyland to be quite warm and pleasant, allowing the courageous to strip off their shiny happy neatly ironed and color coordinated Banana Republic outfits....revealing their stained garage sale skivvies without a judgmental comment second glance from the tourists. I'm glad for that, cuz I've become quite comfortable in my perfectly fitting yet stained pair of virtual panties (I totally HATE the word panties), but anyway..... I may have lost some of you there. My point is, I love how easy it is in Bloggyland to strip away the shiny happy facades and be honest with one another. Whether it's about your struggle to have a good laugh without peeing a little, the washcloth that is always rotting in the bottom of the kitchen sink, your inability to make it thru a day without yelling at your kids, or the fact that yes, you DO wear a girdle shapewear when playing softball, I love that Bloggans are slow to judge and quick to support each other, holding each others hands thru the rough spots by sharing similar struggles or leaving comments of encouragement.

Bloggyland's latest forecast: Partly to mostly real with a 50% chance of shocking confessions. Becoming increasingly transparent after midnight. Thursday expect total honesty. Honesty may turn brutal by midday, in which case, seek shelter in your basement away from windows and that bag of glass baby food jars you've been saving for something special.

You might recall that Steve strongly disapproved of my Get Real post where I tell things like they really are, and the self conscious woman submissive helpmeet that I am, I refrained from posting it. But now, with this fabulous option of crossing out my unpublishable initial thoughts, I will be able to get real with each and every post without becoming an embarrassment to my wonderful lover concerned husband.

So? Will you still hold my hand if I'm wearing my stained garage sale undies?


heather of the EO said...

This post is so great. I just plain LOVES it....
I can't wait to cross something out, now that we've both had the tutorial by blogging guru, Sabrina of Superflous--those of you who don't, need to read that girl's blog. Thanks.

Sabrina said...

Im a self admitted dork and proud of it. JULIE! Awesome post! You should join Blogger's Annex and post this. It's truly truthful, fun and I love it.
Hey did you get my evite? Your BFF heather of the eo will be at the event! WOAH! (and yes, i did just say that like Joey on Blossom)

Kristi said...

I loved this! How DO you cross out words?

The Mama's said...

I love the strike-out! And I love this post! So true, so true. Gotta love showing the skivvies online.