Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You're Invited!

*Warning! Follow links at your own risk. Subject matter may be inappropriate for plasma donors, lactating women, Seventh Day Adventists, residents of Sigourney, IA, and consumers of Yo-J. PG-13 material includes (but is not limited to) allusions of hemorrhoids, partial nudity of the upper glutes, "mature" language used in totally appropriate contexts, and at least one incident of unabashed hypocricy. Some visitors may experience sudden uncontrollable urine expulsion and eye twitching. Please, consult your doctor and great aunt Carol before use.

Who: YOU! In those low-rise jeans that scream "Give me some crack spackle!"
What: A Beltless Baseboard Scrubbing Party
Where: My house
When: At the butt crack of dawn.....7 tuesdays from the next full moon. Get it!? Full MOON!!??
Why: Because I can think of nothing more fabulous than having my friends slave over my macaroni and cheese encrusted baseboards while I practice the delivery of my new favorite quote I got from my new favorite best friend in my new favorite post on my new favorite blog ....."Ahem, attention all party goers! You will now see the crack of my ...!"

Please RSVP in the comment section.


Amy said...

Qutoe away my friend, quote away!

I would like to come to your party! Seriously, can I come?

You are too funny, thanks for the links!

Sabrina said...

This might be a problem since i always wear a one piece speedo swimming suit when i clean.