Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Just thought it might be fun to post a few pics of home. I personally LOVE to see the insides of other people's homes....and it so much fun to see a friend's home only to realize you have the same decorating style:) I'm not sure it looks like "cottage chic puked all over everything," but I definitely love my cabbage roses. 

I love letters. Old scrabble letters. Vintage word game letters. Vintage alphabet stamps. In vintage blue mason jars. Oh, and I love the word vintage:)
I love magazines. And vintage floral tablecloths. And $5 garage sale dressers. And real glass knobs from other garage sale dressers.
I love my Swell hanky duvet cover with an "S" on one hanky. S for swell. S for Sopha.
I love vintage suitcases for storing toys. And I love 50 cent garage sale trays painted with cabbage roses:)
My recipe center. This is where I hang recipes I want to try. And, yes, the occasional coupon for pizza takeout.

A friend got me this fabulous sign for my birthday. Could it be any more perfect with my kitchen wallpaper!?
What you will most likely find at the back door if you stop by unexpectedly.

Gotta love Martha Stewart tea-towels as cafe curtains.

And hat boxes in pastel florals!? I love my TJ Maxx!

A view from Addie's bed. My favorite place to relax while watching the girls play in the yard. Notice the tadpole habitat in blue. Hours of entertainment!

The powder room.

Framed vintage reproduction soap labels.

The other girls room.

Notice the permanent marker "artwork" on the left courtesy of Josie. 3 years ago! I still haven't gotten around to repainting:(

Love these brackets. Too bad they have become a catch-all for hats and our serious addiction.

My "new" dresser. At home in our totally trashed sun room.


Sabrina said...

WOW!!! You are shabby cottage chic to infinity!! I just love it!!! We are so much alike in our likes!!! I spy lots of things i have too!
"S" is for Sabrina, and Super Cool Matching Duvets!

Karla said...

I love Settlers of Catan! Noah and Julie got me to start playing...

heather of the EO said...

Can I move in?
Oh, how I love it--straight out of cottage living...
(sighs breezily...)

Kristi said...

Adorable! I do love to see the inside of people's houses! Maybe I'll have to post some of mine, soon! Thanks for the idea. If it's O.K. for you to do it--I guess it's O.K. for me to do it!

joolee said...

Kristi, I'm not so sure that it was OK for me to do it, but if we each get 5 of our friends to do it before 5 tonight, I've heard we will have good luck for 5 years:) Can't wait to see!

Kristi said...

Oh--I messed it up! I didn't do it yet!

K and/or K said...

you and sabrina have house ESPN! it's like you're long lost sisters of decor!

Karin said...

hi. I'm a little late to this party but just came over here from Krisit's StuffThingsAreMadeOf blog. Can't resist looking at other people's houses.

I too love Settlers of Catan! Oh, I didn't note in the photo whether you have Cities & Knights too... What a great game!

And in case the permanent marker is still on the wall... have you tried attacking it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Those things really are magic!!! You might want to test first to make sure it doesn't rub off too much paint, but I've used it in so many places with so much success. LOVE it!!!