Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The one where Julie hides the danish

Sabrina, do I need to credit you for your super fun way of labeling posts? 

A review of Bath and Body Works new PINK lotion, which I DID buy and rather enjoyed......until Ella shared her 2 cents.

"That is the stinky lotion. It smells like cheese sticks."

In other Ella news, "Mommy has a booty, Addie has a booty, Josie has a booty, Gwen has a booty, I have a booty, and Daddy has a booty......Daddy has a special booty!" Time for another anatomy review?

And dilemma. In moments of weakness, usually after a rough day when I am shopping sans children, I am occasionally guilty of buying a coffee cake/danish.....just a sweet lil something to reward myself for getting out of bed the next day. So the question is I hide the danish and eat the entire thing by myself over the next several days, I leave it on the counter and/or offer some to Steve knowing that he will firmly chastise me for my lack of willpower and then proceed to eat half of it? So I broke down last week and chose to "hide" my treat.....I didn't really hide was more like a failure to announce it. That and I knew he wouldn't look on the shelf with the tupperware;) Anyway, I eventually finished it (at my leisure, because I knew I wasn't competing with anyone for it) and threw the packaging in the recycling bin. Notice, I wasn't being totally secretive or I would've buried it in the garbage can. Anyway, he inevitably found the evidence and freaked out that I had kept the yumminess a secret. I attempted to defend myself by pointing out that he would have been mad at me for buying it in the first place and that would have negated any pleasure the danish had to offer me in the first place.

So......without advising me to refrain from purchasing an occasional danish, what should I have done? What would you do? Am I the only one who hides food? And is this kind of "closet eating" a sign of some serious psychological issue?


Sabrina said...

You don't have to credit me for the the blog title, Thank Friends.

It is your special treat, enjoy!

Hiding food is sometimes neccesary, kinda like hiding your vanilla lotion from a theif of a friend you lived on the same floor with in college. "What Julie, No I did not go into your room while you weren't there and lather myself up in your coveted Victoria Secret Vanilla Lotion! How dare you accuse me!" te he te he! :)

heather of the EO said...

There is a food-hider at my house too. His name is Ryan. He puts stuff like Twinkies on top the fridge. I always notice. And scold.

But I'll admit I SUBconsciously hide things I don't want to immediately disappear behind other less attractive stuff in the pantry.

But you're still crazy :)

The Three 22nds said...

I hide candy in my van. I am so tired when I drive home from work that eating starbursts or twizzlers helps keep me alert. But I leave them there so no one can find them. I also tend to buy goodies that aren't Noah's favorites so if he does see them he doesn't really care. All the more for me, ya ha ha!

Kristi said...

I was wondering how you came up with that so-cool-title. And I'm glad you got the idea from somewhere else! I keep stealing ideas from everyone--and I thought I was creative. Anyway--yes, I hide food. I had Rolos hidden in my purse the other day. I'm on Weight Watchers and didn't want anyone in my family to scold me. We do hide food for reasons though that probably aren't very healthy (including mine). Sorry to add a serious note to the conversation.

Rachel said...

As for the anatomy lesson, ambiguity isn't always bad. Elijah frequently talks about his penis (usually while on the toilet) and we haven't hidden this word from him (though he prolly sees me naked more often than he sees Paul - or Paul sees me!). Unfortunately, knowing the word "penis" means your child will probably use it in the wrong places, like at the grocery store, when he asks in a loud and clear voice, "Where'd mommy's penis go?"

charrette said...

I've been known to hide a chocolate stash or two around the house. And I used to hide cookie dough too. But I never have to hide the black licorice. I'm the only one who likes that.

Nikki said...

Randy and I hid sweets from the kids on a regular basis. It's not good for them...we're just helping them out.