Monday, August 11, 2008

A boring update

What a busy week!
Monday.....Dinner with friends. At their house! Awkwardly wonderful to have others wait on us for a change. Begin "training" for inline marathon. "Training" used very loosely. Basically tried not to break my neck. Managed to stay on my feet until the very last intersection where a random passerby gave my fall a "7."

Tuesday.....Girls have friend over from sleep-over Monday night. PM softball game. Get some exciting action at home. PLATE! (no innuendo here;) Never mind that hubby keeps "accidentally" calling the second basewoman "honey."

Wednesday.....Nesting! Lots of housework while anxiously waiting for a phone call from a friend being induced who asked me to take pictures of the birth! Never seen a real birth where I didn't do the birthing. Much excitement all around. More waiting. Waiting. Just a little more. Friend sent home for lack of progression:( So You Think You Can Dance Finale. Vote for the first time ever. For Joshua:)

Thursday.....LOTS of garage sale prep. Make fabulous signs. Let the girls run rampant while I frantically unpack and organize bags and bags of clothes and other misc. junk. So You Think You Can Dance Results. Yay Joshua! Shed a few tears.

Friday.....Garage Sale! So exciting to see stuff go and rejoice with those who think my junk is their treasure. Friend and her 4 kids here to help and sell some stuff too. Both our hubbies home to grill and watch kids while we run to Sam's Club. Absolutely exhausted and a bit sunburned, but THRILLED to have made LOTS of $ today:) Pregnant friend ended up having C-section, so no photography or birth to witness:(

Saturday.....Drag self out of bed for another day of garage sale money making. Money didn't get the memo. Not worth the time and effort to drag everything out again. Grand total made......$420 and change. Not counting girls very successful lemonade/pop-tart/Nutri-grain bar sale. Not bad for a couple days in the sun chatting with fellow garage sale junkies. Clean up. Make constipation cure cookies for new mom. Forget key ingredient in cookies as yet another sleep-over child is picked up in the midst of the mixing. Make my first real meal in the past several days.....Fettuccine Rose. Steve is happy. Lay on couch watching Olympics and try to recover from busy week.

Sunday.....Church. Ella pukes on way home. Take older 2 girls to a birthday party while Steve stays home with the sick and napping. Enjoy several hours chatting with other moms at party and making plans for some sort of home school group. Love the fabulous food prepared by chef......grilled veggies and polenta, southern briscuit (?) sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce. YUM! Home to find that Ella has been puking all day. Try to clean up from busy week while caring for poor puking Ella. Worry that something is SERIOUSLY wrong with her. Watch more Olympics.

Today.....More clean up:( Ella seems to be doing better. Ate a lil breakfast. Now Josie is laying on couch and complaining of tummy ache. Wonder if my tummy troubles are imagined or real and thinking I better get some more laundry and dishes done just in case I'm laid up for a day or two. Blogging instead of being truly productive.


Sabrina said...

Congrats on the gargage sale success! WOW!
I was a first time voter for SYTYCD!
But i voted for Twitch.

Anonymous said...

Still willing to have you here for our birth if you're interested/available. Kind of hard to plan especially with the the distance, but we'd love to have you here. Let me know!
Rachel :)

joolee said...

You know I would LOVE to be there! But I'll just have to wait for a call and see if I can line up child care etc. You're in the home stretch now!!:)