Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sport Coats and Softball

So.....equestrian? An Olympic sport? Really? I didn't watch long enough to see the medal ceremony, but do they make the ribbon long enough to fit around the horse's neck? And I know it's called a sport coat, but does wearing a sport coat really make you an athlete? I have nothing against horses. Or people who ride horses. I used to work on a dude ranch, for Pete's sake. Yes, I said dude ranch. I just think it might be a bit of a stretch. Next thing you know, we'll turn on the Olympics to find the world's best hoop jumping poodle. I may be out of line here. And I don't object to rebuttals.

In other true sports related news, our softball team finished 3rd place in our tournament yesterday. We played 4 games, the first three back to back in the blazing hot sun. Then we finally had a short break to go to the bathroom and get something to eat before our final game. I must say, we weren't too disappointed with 3rd. We were so hot and exhausted we couldn't possibly have played another game. All said, we played from 9 to 4:30 with zero very little shade, 14 kids, no naps, and one bottle of sunscreen. It was a fun year!

Steve at pitcher

Trying to stay cool

The couple that bleeds together, stays together.
(My leg is the bigger one, not the hairier one)

OK, so a few clouds did roll through during our short break.

Icees make us forget how hot and tired we are!

The team. 
Notice Steve's boyish grin as he thought it would be funny to pour water down my back.

Oh, and one more thing about knee highs......they may seem like a good idea come tournament time, but long socks worn for a full cloudless day make for clownish tan lines:(


Kim said...

Honestly, I just did laundry and folded my Drowsy Water Ranch sweatshirt.

joolee said...

No way!! Did I give that to you?

Sabrina said...

Good thing my mom doesn't read your blog. She is an Equestrian girl... Everyday she says, Do you know when the Equestrian events are on? She is obsessed.

Kristi said...

Those socks look hot--and I mean hot as in "make you sweat." I was wondering if they're going to come up with a video game playing event for the Olympics--virtual sports or something like that.