Saturday, February 26, 2011

on not being fun

Remember this post about Fun Daddy?
Welp, nothing has changed since I wrote it.
Steve is just as fun as ever.....
and I know the girls love him more than they love me.
At least in the way they understand the word love.
And I guess, if I have to be, I'm okay with that.
I know that everything would fall apart here
if it weren't for the rules and expectations and non-fun
that I bring to the table.
It's a classic case of good cop vs. bad cop.

Addie wrote a poem about my whole side of the family
for our get-together last weekend.
She just finished up verses about us,
her immediately family.
Notice, if you will, how FUN my whole family is......
and then there is me.....
who likes to have clean floors.

Maybe I chose the wrong day to freak out about the peanut butter
and gatorade speckled chairs
Tuesday night......after waiting months for them to be recovered.
I haven't even had a chance to scotchguard them yet.

Earlier this week Steve took Gwen to the high school basketball game.
Just the two of them.
He told me last night that they were running a bit late
so he had scooped her up in his arms and run with her into the building.
As he lowered her to the ground Gwen asked,
"Do you know who my favorite person in our family is, Daddy?"
Of course, it was him.
She then asked him who his favorite was.
She feels like she is Daddy's favorite.

You can be sure I am not about to throw out
our rules
or chores
or limits on TV and Wii playing.
I am not about to give them free access
to sugar
or chips
and paint supplies.

But maybe.....just maybe......
I should try harder.....
shake my booty a little harder.......
sing a little louder......
go down in the pitch dark basement with them when they ask,
pretending to care exactly HOW dark it really is........
to prove to myself
if not to them
that    I AM FUN!!!


Rachel said...

Little do your girlies know how fun you truly are, Julie! I get the giggles sometimes when I remember random things that we did for "fun"

Remember a certain jogging incident, in the dark, in Long Lake Park? There was a high fence and a certain someone ripped her boxers on it...Good times!

I am also the Unfun parent. I don't buy the boys a radio controlled helicopter during an outing to Target (I wasn't with) just because they were good for the 30 minute outing. But yes, things would easily fall into chaos w/o our rules and such.

Someday those girlies will remember the fun things you did - and I know you're doing them, they just may not add up to Steve's fun-ness at the moment.

And besides, you can always be a fun grandma.

Sally said...

You were the funnest babysitter I ever had, and I don't remember you ever making us follow rules, although I'm sure you did :-)

Nikki said...

I just can't imagine you not being fun. But someone does need to be the responsible one. Sometimes, I think I don't do "fun" things with the kids, because then they'll want me to do it all the time. Like jumping on the trampoline...I just can't do that every day, or very long for that matter, before I have to run in for a bathroom break.

Stacy said...

I have to echo my sister Sally up a couple comments (hi Julie!) :) ... you were never anything BUT fun as a babysitter! I suppose mothering is a little different from babysitting, but I can't imagine you've changed that much in essence. I've thought many times how blessed your adorable girls are to have a mom like you. Not unlike how lucky you are to have a mom like you do! :)