Monday, February 21, 2011

eating my words

Dear Winter,
Looks like we have to say goodbye. 
I am not really sad about it,
but I will be excited to see you again...
when the time is right.
And if I start missing you before then,
I have these pictures
from one of your more attractive days
to remember you by.

So long,

munch. munch.
chew. chew.

Winter is back with a vengeance.
But at least I got to experience 
Jason and Becca's fabulous backyard ice rink
and my mom's 
"way better than they used to make them back in the day"
ice skates.

Today, I am thankful that we are all alive.
Because 13 kids and a few adults on ice
with broomball and hockey sticks
and a puck
might be considered a pretty big gamble.
As is making the long drive home 
during the biggest blizzard of the season.

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