Friday, February 4, 2011

"self indulgent ramblings of a hopelessly flawed wannabe"

Remember when that used to be my blog sub-title?
I kinda miss it.
It was my license (a word I can NEVER spell correctly the first time) to ramble
on and on and on in my posts with no apologies because
hey, you were warned.

I think I'm gonna have to start using it again.

Starting now.

On baths: I just finished a glorious bath! After playing volleyball last night
certain muscles really needed a good hot soak.
And I can totally multi-task whilst drowning away my aches and pains.
Josie sits on our (freshly disinfected post-flu) toilet
and reads me her science and history lessons.
It's win-win.
But I remember, as a teenager, thinking that baths were the most disgusting thing ever!
How could a person get clean soaking in their own dirty water?!?
I thought.
On the rare occasion that I did take a bath,
I immediately followed it up with a shower to get clean from my bath.
And I may have given my mom a hard time about her bath-taking.
I was such a loser.
Sorry, Mom!!!

On Jeannie's new and improved blog:  How can you improve something that is already perfect? I love this gal's blog....especially a recent post about having THE talk with her son, but my favorite little extra is her playlist that immediately sets a positive mellow mood for my day....songs with beautiful have to take a listen. And maybe crank your computer up real loud so you can hear it while you soak in the tub:)

Today, I would like to take part in Jeannie's blog "challenge," for lack of a better word, to post photos of the people I love. I am no photographer....though I DO dream of becoming one. Nothing special (the photos, that is) but these are my girlies who I get more and more proud of every day. They are sweet, silly, creative dolls who make me smile. Most days. 

Gwen having a melt-down this morning because her booster seat was too cold.
These two STILL prefer to sleep in one twin bed together. I don't know how they do it.
These two like to crawl into our king sized bed for morning snuggles.
And that is a Gwen's new post-flu toothbrush which she slept with all night!
And notice the ponytail bands on Ella's wrist......
she is trying to be just like her mama:)

Addie, barely recovered from the flu bug herself, taking time to  read to a  puking Gwen.

Happy Weekend!!!!

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Tonya said...

I love your pics... and your girls... and your bedding... and you :-) And now I have a new blog to love, thanks for the link. Now I think I'll go take a bath, in the new soaker tub!