Thursday, February 3, 2011

a craft room

I'm going to have my very own craft room! Sure, it will be in the basement, with the piles of dead asian beetles and the occasional dead mouse.....but my very own craft room!!!!
Steve picked up some cupboards for free and if we can ever track down the right sized masonry drill bit, those babies will be hanging on the wall chalk full of all my goodies.

As I am looking forward to this project, I am realizing how much "stuff" I have stashed in different places around the house......tubs of scrapbook paper over there, a shelf full of glitter letters and ribbons over here, a drawer full of ephemera over there...... I'm starting to understand why he has been the one pushing for this craft room all along;) It will be so great to have all my stuff in one place......maybe it will be just the extra kick I need to actually follow thru on creating the things that inspire me. Also, my new room will be right next to our washer and dryer......maybe he is thinking that if I spend more time near the laundry, his shirts won't get so wrinkled;)

Either way, I am happy. I will probably rock my mud boots down know.....mouse reasons. But I will have a place to call my own! And decorate how I want! Three cheers for the possibilities!!!

I didn't take a BEFORE before picture. Just imagine a dark corner of a dark basement with boxes of Christmas decorations and the poor books that haven't found homes on shelves yet. Here is an almost before picture.......after finally hanging the cabinets and hauling down a big old "on loan 'cuz someone might want it back someday" desk. It may be the nicest piece of furniture we "own."

Stay tuned for after photos!


Sabrina said...

Oooh you're very own craft room!
Have fun and let's so those crafts!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am excited for you to have your own craft room. I still remember all the little "gifts" you would give to people after you hosted parties at your home. You were so thoughtful and cute with them. Can't wait to see how this room comes together! XOXO