Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Daddy = Crippled Mommy

I was out replenishing our supplies and doing some much needed shopping last night while Steve stayed home with the girls. He is a forgiving, patient, affectionate man, but the adjective I have a hard time coping with is FUN. He is a FUN dad. Fun is a good thing, I DO realize, but I sometimes resent the fact that he is all fun and games while I am the one left being all non-fun, chores, safety first, and (uuuugh!) clean-up. And "YES! You DO have to wear a floatation device in the pool because you're barely two and the water is up to your chest and you act like you're seven, running around and splashing, not realizing that every 4 seconds when I drag you up out of the water I am SAVING YOUR LIFE!!!" Oooooh, was that a tangent? It's just that I've spent the last 3 afternoons trying to "desensitize" Gwen to her life jacket while she has 45 minute temper tantrums that end with the neighbors coming out to see what I'm doing to torture her her. 5:00.......enter Steve, (stage driveway) "Hey Gwen, let's go floatation devices necessary, cuz I am FUN DADDY and I don't have to do laundry or make lunch, or prepare dinner, or weed the garden. I will stay by your side, saving you from certain death every 3.5 seconds!"

Wow, it's amazing how writing just makes all these things spew out of cathartic to put it into words. But anyway, back to the reason I started this post. Between what little bit of information I got out of Steve late last night and all the excited simultaneous recaps of the evening the girls gave me this morning, this much I can tell you......

Lemony fresh Pledge + hardwood floors = very slippery surface

Fireplace Hearth + child laying flat on back on pillow pushing away from hearth = FUN ride across the entire length of the living room floor

Fun Daddy's antics last night = Crippled Mommy this morning + 3 rather severe Gwen wipe-outs + the addition of "mop floor" to To-Do list before company arrives this evening + 4 "We have the best daddy EVER!"s

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