Friday, July 1, 2011

July heat.

Can it really be July already?
Am I getting a smidge predictable with my intros? 
Where has the time gone?
Where have I been the past two months?
Is summer really half over?

Maybe if I were to be more diligent in my blog writing I could spare you
the predictable laments over the passage of time
and cut to the chase.

As much as it saddens my heart,
it IS July.
And today's high is supposed to be 98!
NOT counting all the humidity!

You can just see the heat and humidity in the air.

We now have another fruit bearing tree!
(It blossomed last year, but no fruit.)
Nothing makes me feel quite as rich as 
pears on a tree.

Evidence of Steve's latest "hobby."

Today I am incredibly thankful that we splurged on that pool
that fits perfectly on our old silo slab.
Sweet relief!

Addie has been suspiciously absent from recent photos 
as she is battling a kidney infection.
And possibly something else.
Poor kid hasn't been able to keep anything down since SUNDAY!
They put her on an IV yesterday and told us to come back today if she wasn't better.
So we are going in. again.
Praying for answers.......

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Sabrina said...

I saw your post on FB... I'll be praying for your little girlie. Hang in there!!!!