Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barn Dance

My wonderful friend and the girls' babysitter (still trying to think of a special name that describes what a blessing LaDeane has been to our family) invited us to her barn dance to celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary last night.

Decorating is not her "thing" so she agreed to let me add a few touches to their beautiful barn a few hours before the shindig started. Steve chauffeured me around the dirt roads Saturday morning, letting me out in the ditches to pick flowers in my mudboots and knees highs pulled up over my capris ensemble. I'm sure I was quite the sight. But one is not concerned with fashion when fighting her way through rodent/snake/insect infested foliage.

The party was a wonderful excuse to pull out evidence of my "textile obsession." All my vintage tablecloths and patchwork quilts covered the tables and hay bales. My old floral hankies were strung from authentic (as in straight from the bale) twine along the white brick walls.

My new $3 chalkboard was just the right size for the menu and my assorted 3s and 0s served as a reminder for the number of years Marvin and LaDeane were celebrating.

Josie was so excited to rock her new Goodwill cowboy hat.


Unfortunately we were unable to find any boots for the occasion.

The happy couple.

A late night potassium refuel after all the dancing.

Our first ever barn dance.
It was a good thing.

Steve and I humiliating ourselves
with an incredibly failed attempt 
at some Garth Brooks karaoke.....
NOT a good thing.

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Tonya said...

LOVE your decorating! Looks and sounds like you had a great time. I used to do a bit of square dancing back in the day, laughing my head off the entire time. Did you ever come with me?