Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my little corner of the world

I'll admit it.
I am spoiled.
This morning's "breakfast" is a piece of pound cake 
drizzled in my yummy raspberry sauce
with a dollup of Cool Whip.
Eaten in front of the computer 
where I have been "pinning" like a crazy woman 
while the girls "play" school.
Essentially, Addie is teaching Gwen to read.
Thank you Hooked on Phonics
(and Addie).

It's my new latest obsession.
As Sabrina described it......
"a glorious time waster."

Made me want to "pin" a few of my own
favorite corners of my world.

A homonym flashcard from a set I found at a garage sale
set in a $12 frame I found in the basement of our local antique store.
Hard to see.....

Mary can sew well.
The farmer will sow his seed.

CAN sew well
and we are surrounded my farmers sowing their seeds.

Until I can decide what I want to do with this lovely huge frame
it will provide a spot of color on our otherwise drab walls.

On top of our piano....
neat old books,
a recently completed silhouette of one of the girls
and a HUGE map of Duluth.

Though not entirely functional 
as it dims the light a tidge,
I used a bit of an old holy heirloom quilt
to top this super tall thrift store lamp.

Truly, my current favorite corner of the house. 
Color = Happiness.


Sabrina said...

You are so crafty! I love the splashes of color. I also really like the fabric in hoops. My next project I am going to do that with all the fabric scraps i am using to recover all my pillows.

The Mary Behind the Makings said...

Great silhouette! I LOVE the title on the music and having music as the background AND having it sit on the piano. Nice touches, Julie. I have never seen pinterest... how fun! The pictures scream Julie.

:) to the frame above your sewing machine.

Tonya said...

Julie, you are amazing. You're doing it, you're really doing it... decorating your walls. The number of walls I have decorated? Zero. Right now my excuse is that we just moved a month ago. But I hope someday to have walls as beautiful as yours!