Saturday, July 16, 2011

Occupational BERRapY

Addie is improving, her appetite and energy level both increasing. 
She is still quite pale due to her low hemoglobin levels 
and is quite bruised from all the poking and pulling 
of last week's interventions.

But man, can that girl pick berries!

Her sisters have gotten bored with the hunting and gathering.
But Addie is loving it!
She rushes to tell me every time she finds a new great spot
or fills a bucket.
I love her enthusiasm.
And after being stuck in bed for two weeks
I am sure 
it is quite therapeutic.

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

I'm so glad Addie is getting better! Berry picking is therapy for me too. I love going outside and having some me time and hunting for all those luscious raspberries!