Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Joolee is........

Joolee is......
  1. stealing this third person status update idea from facebook and thinking it will make for an easy catch-up post. She LOVES writing in the 3rd person:)
  2. disappointed that she stayed up late writing her post for the Get Real challenge only to have Steve deem it not publishable. 
  3. excited about all the clutter cutting and major furniture rearranging she got done yesterday. Crib for sale!
  4. pulling her hair out over Ella's continued nighttime incontinence. And thinking she might break down for the 18th time and buy another pack of pull-ups.
  5. thrilled with the results of the shabby antique dresser with glass/crystal knobs she bought for $25 last weekend. And even more thrilled that Steve admitted he was wrong to freak out about a "moldy, warped piece of junk they should have paid someone to haul away."
  6. feeling like a failure as a decorator and hostess after spending an absolutely fabulous weekend at her bro and sis-in-law's magazine worthy home. She relaxed in the pool and gorged herself on a mouth-watering smorgasbord of delectable goodies including homemade ice cream and Jason's freshly flipped in the air omelette.
  7. so proud of Josie for competing in her first triathlon, the day after learning to ride her bike without training wheels.
  8. disappointed that Addie absolutely freaked out about being in a pool with water up to her chin.
  9. going to check into swimming lessons again.
  10. not regretting her Barbie Princess and the Pauper garage sale purchase. Her girls keep listening to the songs and she is convinced that they are learning to harmonize in thirds.
  11. wondering if she really wants to give up one of the few weekends left of summer to have her own garage sale.
  12. hoping tonight's softball game doesn't leave her limping around like an elderly woman after a two week break from throwing and running.
  13. trying to create something for dinner that doesn't include meat. Or fruit. Or bread.
  14. deciding that it's time to go shopping.


The Three 22nds said...

I want to read your Get Real Challenge! I applaud you for posting at 6:11am...I sure wasn't awake then! And I bet your house is magazine worthy too! Women are too hard on themselves. Just like they say that men always think they are two situps away from a 6 pack, I think women should think their homes are only 1 toy pickup from perfection. Too bad they are both delusions- at least in my world :)

Sabrina said...

Sabrina is... Happy that you are back!

joolee said...

Umm, for the record, I did not post it at 6:11. I never remember to check the posting details and for some reason they are always WAY wrong. Nope, this tired dawg was cuddled up in her bed, dreaming of a clean house and immaculate gardens.