Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sister Squabbles

  • Mommy, she put her sandwich on my eye!
  • Mommy, she grunted at me!
  • Mommy, she smiled at me!
  • Mommy, I wanted the red cup!
  • Mommy. I wanted the pink fork!
  • Mommy, I had the flower pillow!
  • Mommy, she looked at my butt!
  • Mommy, she's stealing all my covers!
  • Mommy, she's looking at my book!
  • Mommy, she won't let me be a puppy!
  • Mommy, she's taking up the whole bathtub!
  • Mommy, she wrecked my fort!
  • Mommy, she took my blanky!
  • Mommy, she won't let me ride my bike!
  • Mommy, I had that swing first!
  • Mommy, I had that backpack first!
  • Mommy, I had that flashlight first!
  • Mommy, I was sitting there first!
  • Mommy, she won't give me any privacy!
  • Mommy, every time I tell them to do something, they don't do it!
  • Mommy, every time I tell them NOT to do something, they do it!
  • Mommy, they're messing up all my stuff!
  • Mommy, she's looking at me!
  • Mommy, she won't answer me!
  • Mommy, she spilled my cereal!

  • Mommy, can we have a baby brother?
Just wanted to post something quick and easy before I finish packing for a week in the middle of nowhere.

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