Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun with run-ons

It's too hot and the sun may have fried more than my skin on this lazy day spent in our OOL. Notice there is no P in our pool;) *giggle giggle snort* 
Isn't there a law much like Murphy's that goes something like.....
"The day you totally and semi-intentionally fry your skin in a vain attempt (dramatic pause as my double entendre impresses you beyond words) to achieve a surprisingly slimming tan is the day that all 4 of your darling angels want to "cuddle" with you on couch, elbowing your scalded bosom and scratching your radiantly red knees with their princess wands."  ??????

I totally get that that was a run-on sentence and hate using two of the same words like "that that" and fear I may be losing what few readers I have and even though I blog for purely personal reasons including but not limited to documenting the moments that make up my life because I have such a HORRIBLE memory and also sorting thru my random thoughts to try to make sense of who I am and what I think and what I'm trying to accomplish here on Earth.....

Uuugh!! I think tonight calls for some in laying like vegetables in front of the tele.

Addie and friend in their "tree fort."

Who gave Gwen gum!!???

Note to self: Cupcake cones are incredibly top heavy and though they may look picture perfect displayed on your dining room table, they will be reduced to a jumbled mess on your pristine white skirt chosen especially for its timeless and patriotic qualities and complimenting your navy shirt and red toes the second your husband backs down the driveway.

Three legged races and all!!


Sabrina said...

Cute! Adorable! Love those kiddos!
I totally thought of you when i put my Swell Duvet out. I even thought, I wonder if Julie will notice! HA! love it! and love that we think so much alike!! It's Swell! ;)

Kristi said...

I love your blog--so much I'm jealous--I guess it takes natural wit. I think I try too hard to make my blog diverse or something. Ugh. I need to take some lessons from you--yours is so fun and entertaining. I love your pictures, too. What kind of camera do you have?

joolee said...

It's a Panasonic Lumix my hubby tells me. But the magic happens in ifoto. Love the new option to "enhance" or make the colors more vibrant.

"Thanks," the redhead said sheepishly, grateful that her blushes were powerless next to her sunburn.

joolee said...

iPHoto, that is.

Kristi said...