Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

I finally broke down and spent my birthday money. Half the fun is knowing I have money in my pocket to spend however I choose.......100% guilt free. So I like to take my time deciding on just the right guilty pleasure. After perusing my favorite letter press shops on Etsy, I have decided on these.......

Note: I still haven't figured out how to make blog posts wider so as not to cut off my photos......HELP! In the meantime, if you want to see my delicious treats in full view you have to click on the picture.

.....for my kitchen.

And though I really can't stand biscuits and gravy [so NOT a breakfast food], Steve would die for his grandma to whip him up a batch. Such a fond memory of good times at her place up North.

And finally, this one will be perfect for one of my new photo walls. A reminder not to take each other for granted:)

You can be sure I will be making the long hike down the driveway to the mailbox each and every day until I receive my gifts.

Happy birthday to ME!!!


Sabrina said...

I heart Etsy!!

Sabrina said...

Did you see the craft party on Whatevers blog?
I want to be invited next time! They made some Cute things and went antiquing! FUN!