Saturday, January 15, 2011

keeping on the sunny side......or at least the partly sunny side

I've had a rough couple of days.....
nothing major, but there are times when I feel like a FULL+ time employee
with NO benefits.
I'm talking lots of overtime.
And I'm not referring to my paid job.
(I get reimbursed for that.)

I really struggle with finding balance.......
balance between work and homeschooling and housekeeping and cooking and dishes and laundry and bill paying and thank you writing and personal and professional development, etc.
About once a month (hmmm) I get into a funk and just feel like giving up.
Not giving up on this crazy wonderful life,
but maybe the dishes.
Yeah, I could give up the constant dish washing.
And the bills.

I just can't do it all.

I'm pretty sure I need an outlet.
And something other than decorating my big beautiful farmhouse
because I have a very opinionated husband
(whom I love dearly)
And I've decided that trying to decorate in a way that makes me happy
only brings about disappointment and frustration.

And so, in an attempt to pull myself out of my pathetic pity party,
I will post some pictures of things that bring me joy.
Because, really.......
Life is good!

My photo wall! After months of begging......
Thank you 3M photo strips!

Watching the girls expertly crack more than a dozen
of our own farm fresh eggs for a Saturday egg bake brunch.

My favorite jeans and a new pair of wool socks.
Brrrrr. Our house is freezing!

My birthday find from my favorite local consignment shop.
Ooooh, the possibilities!

What is left of my store bought birthday cake.
And the clementines aren't bad either:)


Sabrina said...

I am glad you are finding the little joys to make up for the not so fun things of every day life!
Do you think part of it is the weather too? I get so sick of the cold and gray and snow. Because Sunshine and outdoors and flowers are so much happier!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday too!!!

Rachel said...

So feeling the blahs w/ you when it comes to keeping everything balanced and not losing your mind. Somedays Paul's 2 hrs. of drive time seems heavenly! Trying to focus on the good too.