Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a month in review

It's been a LONG time since a real post. Just so I can feel better about my long absence, let me catch you up quickly with a few photos of these past few weeks. Because I have high speed internet and I can:)

It has been a cold month with lots of time spend indoors. We busied ourselves making lots of journals to give as gifts.

And I finally got around to making those pretty paper chicks.....appropriate homemade ornaments for our first Christmas spent at the Juicy Roost. Even though we didn't get a tree:(

Josie celebrated her 8th birthday with a gorgeous kitty cake and kitty gifts. That girl loves her cats.

We enjoyed many meals by the the beautiful light of the garland and have made a good dent in my stash of 75% off sparkling cider.

Naps were taken in the comfy big chair my parents gave us.

We spent several days visiting my brother down in Arkansas with his amazing family.
Unfortunately, I was too busy cuddling my adorable nephew to remember to take any pictures:(

Hunting hats became a favorite wardrobe choice for Addie.......less hair combing involved.
And we finally broke down and got the family a Wii. We are not disappointed.

Christmas Day, among other days, we got stranded in the driveway. This is me passing time in the car with crazy kids as Steve attempted to rescue us.

The kids found a nice alternative to sledding.

We made a nice warm batch of homemade play-do. I think there is a good chance I enjoy kneading and molding it more than the kiddos. So therapeutic.

New Year's Eve Day we took advantage of a "window of opportunity," speeding between the freezing rain and blizzard conditions to make it back up to the Northland to spend much needed time with good old friends.

There was Wii dancing.

And a reindeer hunt.

A few rounds of my new favorite game.......telephone pictionary.

A kid performance for our dear recovering ex-pastor.

I am so thankful for all the amazing people in our lives!

Caught up.
Unedited style.


Sabrina said...

Looks like a wonderfully busy month! I love the paper chicks! CUTE!

Kim said...

I broke down and got a Wii as our family gift this Christmas and it remains a seriously wonderful purchase.

1) j is a maniac at Wii bowling. He beats me and loves it.

2) We turn up the music, bowl together, and don't have to leave the house.

3) With Just Dance Kids my boys move around a whole bunch burning off energy when it is too cold to go outside.

Win - Win - Win.