Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pre-Easter Tragedy

We have never lead the kids to believe that Santa Claus or the Easter bunny are real. Now the tooth fairy is a different story. So the girlies were more intrigued than distraught by the decapitated bunny they found just inside the barn door last week. Apparently they poked and prodded it with sticks until they managed to get the furry headless creature into their sled. Then, with a girl at each corner of the plastic casket, they carried it funeral procession style up to the house to show me.

And Ella was wearing her reversible garage sale Gap vest.......bunny side out.

Decapitated bunny bodies.
A deer bone filled Kohls bag on the deck.
Aaah, life in the country.

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Noah said...

I took care of a decapitated rabbit last fall. I tossed it into some weeds in the empty lot so that Nature could finish what it started.

This spring I bought the lot, so now I have to deal with the decomposed carcass again...