Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I came across this in my DRAFTS folder and though it is outdated (our rental home is soon to become our real home), I thought I'd still share it.

OK. So it really is ridiculous how internet access, painfully slow as it is, seems to directly relate to my emotional state. As you could probably tell from one of my more recent posts, I've been in a funk. And I'm really not very prone to funks. I am intentionally choosing to use the word "funk" over "mid-life crisis" to downplay my recent........umm.....issues.

I'll spare you all the details of my crisis, but know that with dial-up internet securely hooked up in our lovely rental home, life is now much brighter. Brighter because I am once again aware that there is a beautiful world filled with beautiful people and their beautiful creativeness beyond the dark muddy fields surrounding my humble existence. Brighter because I can now see the faces of your beautiful new babies. Brighter because I can look up that recipe and set something new on the table for my family. Brighter because I can see the happy spring colors you've used to decorate your homes. Brighter because you inspire me to try something new. Brighter because I can write something down and feel heard if not understood.


Much brighter.


Rachel said...

Love it!

amandakweaver said...

Aren't you glad there IS an internet now? 14 years ago there was no such thing--at least not open to the general public! I thought of you today in Target while Evan was taking FOREVER to eat his lunch, and thought maybe I should give you a call. Then my sister ended up calling me! Anyway, miss you and glad you have at least some connections to outside!