Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In which 35 is declared the new SEXY

Steve's birthday is tomorrow.
So far all I've done to prepare for the big day
is vow to start using my wrinkle cream regularly.
How self-centered can a girl be?

Apparently 34.5 is the age when guys start wearing those
old man golf-ish hats.
But doesn't he make it look good?

Yes, I've decided that 35 is the new SEXY.
Let me share a few pictures so you know what I mean.

There is this one that says,
"Grey beards are smokin'."
We already know that snuggling with his daughter makes ANY man sexy.

And then there is this one that says,
"Hopscotch.....the ultimate foreplay."
Can I use the word "foreplay" in my family blog?
What is it about a guy being a great dad that is such a turn-on?

And lastly, this one that says,
"Yes, I have enough life experience to build the perfect fire."

As you can see, I am a very lucky girl.
(And that's without even posting a picture of his thighs!)

Happy Birthday Steeb!
You make 35 look GOOOOOOD!


Sabrina said...

sandals without socks... instant winner!

Happy Birthday Steve!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! My dad wears those kinds of hats, and while you do make them look good, you're old. Have you got to the point where you wear your clothes (not underwear - ew!) two days in a row yet?