Saturday, September 18, 2010

I love my _________ life.

I stole this from Redbook, I think.
They ask all the celebs to fill in the blank when they're featured in the magazine.

Last night Steve built a fire in our new/used woodstove.
He had to heat it up to cure the paint.
So we ate our chicken piccatta in front of the warm fire
on the cool fall night.
After dinner we peeled apples from our own apple trees
to throw in the crockpot for my next batch of applesauce.
Of course it became a competition
to see who could peel off the biggest piece of apple skin.
Steve won.
But I peeled more apples.
And then, after the kids had dispersed,
we pulled out what his co-workers had left
of his birthday [Texas Sheet] cake
which always tastes better the second day.

I love my Friday night life.

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