Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A party of NINE

Today my baby girl turned 9. Wow!
Nine? Can that really be?
Saturday we had a party that just happened to include 9 of us.
Our family of 6 plus three friends.
The weather was perfect.
They all got along and entertained themselves easily.
Addie got a Best Friends picture frame from one of the girls.
How blessed she is to already have such wonderful friends:)

The kids have found a way to use my $1 ladder until Daddy builds them a tree house.

They're off, chasing yet another clue in the scavenger hunt for goody bags.

Happy Birthday Addie!
We love you bunches and are incredibly proud of you!


Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Addie!! You keep getting older and I keep getting younger! I love it! :)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Addie! Nine, wow!
I hope you're having a beautiful birthday.