Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happiness is.........

  • 4 girls with zero knots in their hair
  • soft chubby Gwenny cheeks

  • a dance party in the living room
  • a dance party on our king sized bed
  • our king sized bed
  • colorful bowls
  • birthday $ I can spend on whatever colorful things I want........
  • these or these
  • girls playing with my hair while I "surf the net"
  • ruffles........on pillows, towels, pajamas..........
  • the Drumline soundtrack
  • a sparkling clean bathroom
  • Tastefully Simple beer bread (thanks Missy) baking in the oven
  • an easy dinner of Taquitos (Steve is out of town)
  • 7 layer bars (which I polished off all by myself in a ridiculously few number of days)
  • perusing old issues of Cottage Living for decorating ideas for the farmhouse
  • the farmhouse and all it's potential
  • music with a beat that forces you to dance (did I mention the Drumline soundtrack?)
  • going out to dinner with friends
  • friends.......ours are absolutely incredible!!
  • down comforters
  • a warm fire
  • Magic fun and magical are they?!?
  • inspirational blogs
  • a felted flower brooch (thanks Mary) sprucing up my ancient denim gap purse
  • a new magazine in the mail
  • breakfast in bed......even if I'm not hungry (thanks to Addie and Josie)
  • a warm day after a week of subzero temps

  • folding laundry in front of our big window while watching the girls play happily in the snow
  • finding out there will be NO lapse in Steve's paychecks (PTL)

I am happy.

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

You and your girls are so adorable! I'm glad to see you finding so many moments of joy!