Friday, January 22, 2010

Greetings from Booneyville

Hello. I am alive and well. We survived the move (thanks to some amazing help from family and friends....old and new.) I am living in my dream house (minus the teensy weensy kitchen sink) and I feel like an excited little girl happily arranging furniture in her new dollhouse. Except for the tiny kitchen sink. Or did I already mention that the sink is small? Honestly, I am considering the possibility of combining the task of showering with the washing of the pots and pans....but perhaps I've said too much. Really though, the house is absolutely gorgeous!!! Way bigger and better than I even imagined it would be. Other than the huge yard and all the barns and buildings to explore, a favorite of the girls has been the laundry chute. They have spend at least an hour every day since we moved dropping things down to the kid on each level......first the dirty laundry, then the stuffed animals, then some blankets or bubble wrap. Endless entertainment. I've been taking pictures and can't wait to find some way to post them. Unfortunately we won't be getting internet access at home until we decide to buy the place. (Very expensive set-up costs.) Which leaves me feeling quite isolated. We live in the middle of neighbors within sight......and just the other day after getting stuck at the end of the driveway I couldn't even see the house through all the fog. Fortunately, there is a wonderful library here in town....great hours and great kids area, so we will be designating one day a week as library day to catch up on blog reading/writing and bill paying. Welp, this is the quality of writing you're gonna get as I scramble to share our new life while the kids have free run of the library. Better sign off now before the librarians start to cringe when they see us coming.

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Sabrina said...

It's good to hear from you with an update! I've been thinking a lot about you guys! Glad you are getting settled in... sorry for your small sink and lack of internet. I know that before you know it you will be making friends and won't be so isolated!