Thursday, October 2, 2008

another update


  • is blogging while watching the debate in order to prevent the painful exposure of any new nail beds.
  • thinks Tina Fey IS Sarah Palin.
  • has learned the hard way that using the internet to search for a photo of a fig leaf while helping her 7 year old with her Genesis community Bible study homework will probably reveal a part of Adam's anatomy needing just a bit more fig leaf coverage.
  • is tempted to get a haircut to perfectly match her stylish 8 year old niece.
  • is currently being mesmerized by Biden's pearly whites, even though she is a republican. She is also thinking they just might be dentures, in which case she is more anxious than ever for all her teeth to fall out.
  • thinks snacking on candy corn and peanuts will probably bring her one step closer to the perfect denture smile of her dreams.
  • was true to her facebook status word and went dumpster diving, if only for the photo opportunity.
  • is thinking she might prefer the life of a blomad.....a blogging nomad......traveling from blog to blog, living off other's ideas and providing mini posts in their comment sections.
  • was thrilled with the audience participation in her first nudie post and will announce a winner before she kicks her peanut butter habit.
  • is going to start using her wrinkle cream much more diligently.
  • would prefer to live in her ignorant bubble than to hear that non-organic apples are chock full of poison.
  • can't afford organic.
  • feels like debating......pick a topic....any topic.......
  • is Phew! the debate is over!


The Three 22nds said...

I couldn't watch it. I am so anxious about this election! I am trying not to be nervous, but I worry about the future...

Heather of the EO said...

I blogged while watching the debate too. For the exact same reason. :)

Kristi said...

Did you really come up with "blomad" all by yourself? I don't have that kind of mind. So, was your 7 year old watching when you did the search on fig leaf? Hope not!

Kim said...

J and I played drinking games during the debate. You drank every time you heard the word "Maverick." Needless to say, we were sloshed by the end of it and really thought we were watching SNL.

Okay, so none of the above is true, but we did discuss turning it into a drinking game at one point, but come on, we've got kids at home!

joolee said...

As far as I know, "blomad" is my word, but who's to say no one else has also invented this word on their own? And yes, Addie was right next to me on the couch when the extremely well endowed first man popped up on the screen.....luckily it was on a page with lots of other fig leaf photos and I don't think she noticed it.

Kim, what a fabulous idea for a drinking game.......but I would prefer to make it into a cadbury egg eating game. mmmmmmm.