Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The one where Julie actually follows the rules

So the hilarious Sue over at Navel Gazing at it's Finest is teaming up with some other Mormon mommy bloggers in a fundraising effort to help NieNie and her husband who were severely burned in a plane crash several weeks ago. You can read about their heartbreaking story here. They (Sue and Co.) are going to donate all profits from a book they are planning to publish, a compilation of funny stories by funny bloggers called Sometimes Life is Funny. I can't be sure, but I have a funny feeling it might be kinda funny. Anyway, they are accepting submissions for the book until the 30th of this month. If interested, you can read about the rules here. Let me warn you, these Mormon women will have you applying your waterproof mascara and sitting squishy in your protective undergarments! I, for one, plan to buy the book......and not just because it's for a good cause. Mormon-style humor has seriously tempted me to convert.


Sabrina said...

I don't know if Oak Hills would approve of that.

Heather of the EO said...

I love to see posts like this around the blogosphere, spreading the NieNie love. You should submit something lady!
It would be fun.