Saturday, May 3, 2008

Song of Garage Sales

(sung to the tune of Shout to the Lord)
Oh garage sales,
sweet garage sales,
jackpot of treasures untold,
Let every cent,
that I have spent,
never cease to bring me joy.......

OK, maybe that's a tidge overkill. But it  Maybe I have an untapped gift for song writing? So my garage sale season has officially begun. Steve and the girls and I went down to the Cities yesterday to see the Twins/Tigers game. It was pouring rain, took forever to find parking, and we got a lil lost on our way home, but it was priceless to see Ella sitting on Steve's lap chanting "Let's go Tigers..." We spent the night with my parents, had brunch with some friends (who think blogging is dumb and are too closed-minded to join facebook;), and then headed for home to make it to a dinner party tonight. But along the way, Steve spoke my other love language of quality time (he likes to call it "show-furring" me around to garage sales.) He voluntarily took the back roads so I could enjoy my first garage sale spree of the season. Mostly I got books......puzzle books, workbooks, school books, joke books.....perfect for making the ride home more palatable for the girls. But I also got a pair of nearly new ice skates for Addie next year ($2), a box full of various prepackaged art projects (.50), and several unused journals (.25 each). One of the journals had a raised picture of Cinderella and a gemstone that blinks all different colors when you press it. Ella was in heaven and asked about 14 times if she could really keep it. I also found a cute antique reproduction tin that I intended to fill with cookies and give as a hostess gift, but Ella got car sick literally 5 seconds before we pulled into our driveway:( Definitely worth a quarter!


joolee said...

I have a cute video clip of Gwen's first encounter with cotton candy, but none of my video uploads ever work. Help!

Sabrina said...

I heart garage sales too!

Im not sure why your video clips dont work... but this is my suggestion. When you go to New Post, to post a new blog... there will be 2 tabs, Edit Html and Compose. Click on Edit Html and post your video clip there... You can then go back into COmpose mode to write your blog and spell check... If that doesn't work, Maybe you can find a Blogging for Dummies book at a garage sale. (and then send it to me when you are done!)

Nikki said...

I was out at a few garage sales on Saturday. It's just so hard to say no when things are so stinkin cheap! Next Saturday I'm going with a couple friends to Royalton (small town on way to St.Cloud)for their city wide garage sales. We last year and found some treasures. Do your videos work in your draft but not when you actually post it?

Dana said...

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