Saturday, September 24, 2011


  • I am sick. Burning cough of fire, tears streaming down my face SICK.

  • I am still not over the fact that this dumb cold kept me from Josie's field trip to Seed Savers Exchange and a fish hatchery on an absolutely perfect fall day. (Martha Stewart buys her seeds at SSE......only the best for Martha!)

  • I am feeling nostalgic......listening to Huffamoose, an amazing concert my insanely hot boyfriend took me to at the Blind Pig.....before we were married.......13 years ago tomorrow (the marriage part....not the concert).

  • I am hoping hubby wears a spritz of his very old Abercrombie cologne.....instantly transports me back to those crazy mad love days. *sigh*

  • I need to accept the fact that I cannot serve tacos to my family without the table looking like we have something against our plates. I mean, really, even Steve has to drop huge clumps of meat on my favorite freshly washed tablecloth!

  • I should be out picking pears with the rest of the family, but I'm really enjoying having the house to myself right now. 

  • OK. I'll go out. Just to take a few pictures.......

  •  Steve in a tree.


     The kids' favorite downed apple tree.
    That still grows apples:)

     Good for climbing, jumping, and possibly occasionally peeing in!

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    Rachel said...

    I get warm fuzzies seeing your life through your pictures. Your girls look so happy and alive. And...they all look so close in age right now.