Saturday, September 10, 2011

running over

No. I haven't actually started running.
Though it IS on my To-Do list.
Toward the bottom-ish.

It is my cup that is running over.
I am having an exceptionally joy-filled morning.
We all slept in......
until the girls came and piled in our king-sized bed.
Except lil Gwen....
who woke up, got dressed
and immediately hiked thru the woods,
balancing across that long downed log
to their fort to retrieve
the backpack she had dug out of
someone's free garage sale box.
If you only knew what that hike entailed...
I swear.
In my old age I have become
a balance-impaired scaredy cat.
When I crossed that log,
Addie had to come back and hold my hand!
Perhaps my hesitation is just intuition
that my bones are becoming brittle.
Ha! I sound like an old woman.
Add lifting weights to my to-do list.

Pears and apples are coming out of my ears.
I picked just the surface last night
under the light of the moon.
While Steve "practiced" boiling a huge turkey fryer
full of water
over an open fire
in preparation for next weekend's visitors
and some home brewing.

I am washing a load of adorable Baby Gap outfits
I couldn't resist from a garage sale yesterday.
A new with $34.50 tags
pink and frilly heirloom dress
for one dollar!?!
Yes, please.
As I was admiring my deals last night
the girls were begging us to get a foster kid
or adopt a baby.
We love the babies!

The air is cool and crisp.
My favorite.
Impossible not to be bubbling with joy
over all God's simple blessings
this delicious morning.

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Sabrina said...

I love your country life!!! Someday we will move out of these yucky suburbs and into the woods. :)
I have a baby you guys can squeeze and love on but he just developed some serious stranger anxiety. sigh.